If you’ve read my bio, you would know that I love cooking as much as playing sniper games. Let me take you down my memory lane to the first recipe my mother ever taught me. Since I was a 7 year old child, my mother had given easier tasks that involve stirring and sprinkling. It was her signature Chicken Club Pasta Salad which is still my favorite.

How Do You Make It ?

Basically my mom would boil the pasta, fry crispy chicken breast and bacon (chop them afterwards), chopped three cups of celery, green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and two avocado (peeled, remove the seed and chopped). My job would be mixing Italian-style dressing together with the mayonnaise in a bowl while she is chopping.

Signature Secrets

After the pasta had reached room temperature, pour it in the bowl together with the chopped ingredients. Keep stirring until everything is coated. Lastly sprinkle a hefty amount of mozzarella cheese and it’s done! Please keep in mind that my mom cooked for six working men and a growing boy so if you’re cooking for a smaller group, only use a cup of chopped ingredients and one avocado.

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